About Me

I love ancient Thai food and I am a big fan of the coriander root which I believe is the heart and soul of Thai cooking. It is the foundation upon which many Thai dishes are built. It not only adds taste, texture and depth but it enables the user to create the foundation pastes that give Thai food it’s unique flavour.

Sadly this unique flavour is being lost. Both in the UK and indeed in Thailand the use of pre-made pastes is becoming widespread. Although there are some good pre-made curry pastes out there, curry is only scratching the surface of the role of coriander root.

Without the root Thai people cannot pass on their food heritage to their children, real Thai food is compromised and the understanding of it’s use in Thai food culture is lost. 

I hope this website will raise awareness of the need for coriander root and that ultimately it will be available more widely in British supermarkets. We now have lemongrass, galangal and fresh turmeric…. please give the root a space!

I have been interested in good old fashioned Thai home cooking and street food for thirty years and as and when I could, between the demands of  day to day life, I have journeyed back and forwards to Bangkok to learn to cook and eat Thai food at its source.

The most important and influential  tutor for me has been Gobkaew Najpinij, (Mae) who had a great cooking knowledge to whom I owe many recipes that I cook in my supper clubs and I am in the process of producing a book which is a tribute to her.

I occasionally run a Thai supper club in my own home so take a look at the supper club page and if it makes your tummy rumble apply to be a guest – I would love to have you at my table!

Please feel free to contact me at carole@corianderroute.co.uk

Carole Mason