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About Me

I have been interested in good old fashioned Thai home cooking and street food for thirty years and as and when I could, between the demands of  day to day life, I have journeyed back and forwards to Bangkok to learn to cook and eat Thai food at its source. The most important and influential  tutor for me has been Kobkaew Najpinij, who has a great cooking knowledge and to whom I owe many recipes that I cook in my supper clubs.

Since coming out of the family business in 2012 I have decided to make Thai cooking and street food in general my new lifestyle.

So whether it be Bangkok or Birmingham,  I love to seek out the authentic, the passionate and the little known food heroes everywhere. 

I have just returned back from bangkok with a bucket load of research and new recipes and I am writing a cookbook -so that should keep me busy for a while!

I occasionally run a Thai supper club in my own home so take a look at the supper club page and if it makes your tummy rumble apply to be a guest – I would love to have you at my table!

Carole Mason xxx

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