Mae’s Ancient Thai Food Cookbook

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I am thrilled to announce that “Mae’s Ancient Thai Food” cookbook is now available for sale! 

You can buy it here   – which is the cheapest postage option or you can buy it from  where you will also get a kindle download option for £7.50.

If you want me to ship several of them overseas then I can combine the postage for you and make it much cheaper or if you want a signed copy just email me. X

So let me tell you a little about it….

For years I had the honour to work in Bangkok with Gobgaew Najpinij who I was privileged to call Mae (meaning mother). She was my cooking mentor from 2005 to 2016 when sadly she passed away and so I have written “Mae’s Ancient Thai Food” as a tribute to her.

She was born in Udon Thani, studied at the Suan Dusit Finishing School and qualified with a higher certificate in home economics and a BA in food and nutrition. She had a passion for ancient Thai food and loved to pass on her skills . After her retirement from the role of assistant professor at Suan Dust University she was in great demand in Thailand on both TV and radio shows and she worked extensively as a consultant. Her knowledge of Thai food history was immense and she was very generous in imparting this knowledge.

She worked on countless freelance projects with an array of people such as Thai Airlines and even the Thai army. She lent her support and cooked with many published authors such as Chef Robert Danhi and Chef Siriyan and her recipes appear in David Thompson’s books “Thai Food” and “Thai Street Food”. In fact David pays a moving tribute to Mae on the back of my book.

This 200 page hardback book is a collection of recipes as taught to me by Mae between 2005 and 2016.

My personal passion is coriander root so in the index of the book I have highlighted when the root is needed to cook the dish and when not and I have tried to shine a light on why we need to see more of this delicious ingredient for sale here in the UK.

Carole X